Family- Friendly Summer Bucket List

The 2017 Summer Solstice has finally rolled around and every “Okie” knows what that means - HEAT - but also that Summer has finally arrived!

Whether you’ve spent your summers lounging by the pool or trying to fill your days while your kids are out of school, there are still ten weeks you should fill with fun that you probably didn’t even know existed! Oklahoma’s notorious weather never fails to stun, but if the fiery temperature stays steady, then you will appreciate this: The Ultimate Family-Friendly Summer Bucket List. SEVEN such incredible adventure ideas in the OKC area that we couldn’t even rank them in order.


1. Bricktown Beach- (I didn’t stutter) A beach in OKC! Not only will the sandy fun be entertainment for the kids, but also might satisfy your fantasy of escaping to a luxurious private beach in the Maldives. Okay maybe not, but it deserves a spot on this novelty summer bucket list. If this could be your scene this summer, make sure you catch the Movie Night at the Beach July 21st. Unfortunately, the beach is temporary, so be sure to check it out before it’s too late!


2. Wheeler Ferris Wheel- Not only is it nostalgic to ride in circles on a giant Ferris wheel, but now it’s a whole other level of fun! This summer you can ride while listening to live music and having the best seat to the fireworks show. That’s right the Red, Bright and Blue Festival is taking place at the Wheeler District this Fourth of July! If that didn’t already have you writing on your calendar, this might: it’s FREE and PET-FRIENDLY. Couldn’t get much better than that!


3. Riversport Adventure Park- Sound Intense? It is. But don’t worry, people of all athleticism enjoy it! From whitewater rafting and kayaking to zip-lining and running trails, the Boathouse District offers crazy fun activities for all ages. Also, in case you aren’t already aware, America’s top athletes trained at the USA Olympic Rowing Training Facility on the river. So, naturally, it’s on this summer’s bucket list!

Riversport Adventure.png

4. Lost Lakes Amphitheatre & Waterpark- Yes, another water park. But don’t forget Oklahoma’s sizzling summer sun will have you begging for more splashing fun! Lost Lakes practically has it all. Fill your day with extreme slides, wakeboarding, an island bar, horse trails, camping, a BMX course, and performers! Who knew OKC had so much to do and practically in your backyard?


5. POPS- Sure, Route 66 has been around for over ninety years now, but it’s possible you still haven’t gotten around to indulging in the 700 different sodas on the Mother Road. There’s nothing better than cracking open a cold one (pop of course) on one of the original highways of the U.S. And good news - there’s a location in OKC now! Sure, the Nichols Hills POPS might be a little less historic and famous than the Main Street of America, but just as refreshing this summer!

            Pro Tip: The world’s largest pop bottle lights up and makes for fun and trendy pictures.


6. iFLY- It seems like everything these days starts with “i”, but this isn’t like anything else. Well, technically it’s just like skydiving, only it’s inside a flight chamber and no parachute is needed. If you’re a thrill-seeker, but not so extreme, this is for you. Or maybe you want to test your limits before the real deal. It doesn’t take much to feel like a superhero! Bucket list? Duh.


7. Neon Jungle OKC- Whoa, hold your horses! (or tigers) Literally. No matter if you’re ten-years-old or forty-years-old, everyone has dreamed of holding a lion cub or playing with a grizzly bear. Did you know you could do both and more right here in OKC? If you’ve roamed the fascinating Oklahoma City Zoo more than you can count (are there too many times?) and don’t have enough wild in your life already, we dare you to check this off your bucket list this summer!

Pro Tip: These FURociously magnificent animals can be leased. I repeat. The lions, tigers, and bears -oh my- can be leased!


So no more excuses to burn away your summer with the same-old-same-old. It’s time to start checking off your ultimate summer bucket list items and enjoy something cool in Oklahoma’s blazing backyard!

Gabrielle Hefner