Bobcat Fever


Ticks are a nuisance in any environment, but especially for domestic pets. A particular variety referred to as “lone star” ticks are wreaking havoc in the area. These ticks are spreading a deadly disease known as “bobcat fever” to cats in the Oklahoma City area. Local veterinarians are urging cat owners to take extreme preventive measures in protecting their felines from this lethal ailment.

In general, ticks can spread germs and diseases but “bobcat fever” is extremely dangerous for cats. The phrase “bobcat fever” comes from the carrier’s previous residence – redundantly, a bobcat. Bobcats are in fact, immune to the effects of the tick bite. However, if the tick’s next stop is a pet, the results are most often fatal.

Prevention is really the only effective way to keep your cat safe. The only treatment is extraordinarily expensive and often administered too late for the cat to survive. High fever is the tell-tale sign that a cat may be struggling and veterinarians are urging residents to get their cat care as quickly as possible. If your pet needs after hour care, a great place is the Animal Emergency Center. They will partner with your vet to get your cat the best around-the-clock care possible.

Bethany Schwarz