The Galimaro spicy Argentine sauce recipe began in the polo fields of Robert Hefner’s youth. 

He whiled away summer days working alongside the Argentine gauchos who tended to the barns. His evenings were spent barbequing with them. This is where Hefner learned the authentic flavor of an Argentine red chimichurri sauce livened with herbs and olive oil.   

He later began recreating that sauce for his family and friends, who could   

never get enough of its complex flavor. After 30 years of creating it in their home, the Hefner family have finally made Galimaro Sauce available to the public. With it, they’re releasing some of their favorite recipes featuring the sauce.  

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Grilled Leg of Lamb with Garlic  

Active: 45 Minutes|    Total Time: 4 Hours & 45 Minutes|    Serves: 6 to 8  


One 4- to 5-pound boneless leg of lamb, not butterflied 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil  

8 large garlic cloves, smashed and coarsely chopped Salt and freshly ground pepper  

Galimaro Sauce  


Spread the lamb on a work surface. With a boning or paring knife, cut between the muscles and separate them using your fingers. Trim away any excess fat and gristle. Grilling the lamb this way is quicker, makes it easier to determine doneness, and simplifies carving. Plus, the meat develops a mellow flavor and lots of delicious crust.  

In a large, shallow dish, combine the olive oil & garlic. Add the lamb and turn to coat. Let marinate at room temperature for 4 hours, turning a few times.  

Light a grill. Season the lamb with salt and pepper; do not scrape off the garlic. Grill the lamb over a hot fire, turning often, until an instant-read thermometer inserted in each piece registers 125° to 130° for medium-rare. The times will vary according to the size and shape of the lamb leg, anywhere from 8 minutes for a 6-ounce piece to 20 minutes for a 1 1/2-pound piece. Transfer the lamb to a carving board as each one is done, add theGalimaro Sauce to coat all the pieces, cover loosely with foil and let rest for 15 minutes. Thinly slice the lamb and serve.    

Add more Galimaro Sauce to individual taste.  

If marinating the lamb in the refrigerator overnight, allow to come to room temperature before grilling. 

Gaucho Burger  

Makes: 1 burger 


1 Hamburger patty 1 slice provolone cheese Pinch chipotle powder  

1 Chorizo sausage 2 Tablespoon mayonnaise Drizzle of olive oil  

1 Green plantain Pinch of oregano Galimaro Sauce  



To make Chimichurri mayonnaise, spoon Galimaro Sauce into mayonnaise. Add enough sauce to create a light orange color. Increase sauce to mayo proportion if you desire a more flavorful spread.  

Spread olive oil on a thick slice of provolone cheese. Sprinkle oregano and chipotle power. Repeat on the other side.  

Cut plantains into spirals and deep fry in oil.   

On flat grill surface   

Sprinkle kosher salt on cooking surface, add burger to grill, and add more kosher salt as desired. Slice chorizo down the middle, making sure the two sides are still connected. Cook sausage.   

Flip sausage and continue cooking until done, then add cheese to the burger. Grill until done. Slice bun and top with hamburger, chorizo, cheese and plantain spirals. Serve with your favorite side dishes and enjoy!  

Galimaro Hummus 

Galimaro Sauce adds an extra zing to even the most standard of snacks. When you don’t have the time to arrange an elaborate spread for guests, use this simple idea to shake up the traditional hummus and crackers routine.   


10 ounces hummus   

1 Tablespoon Galimaro Sauce  


Mix Galimaro Sauce into hummus.  

Serve with pita bread and baby carrots. 

Widha Gautam