A little gesture can go a long way. 

It takes a number of hard-working people to successfully run a school and the staff doesn’t always get the recognition they deserve. The Deer Creek High School and Middle School Parent Teacher Organizations aim to remedy that with their Adopt-a-Staff program. It is a secret pal organization comprised of dedicated volunteers who anonymously adopt staff members.

The program began as a way to do something nice for every employee at the schools. In order to keep the mundane at bay, the PTO decided to provide the teachers with little pick-me-ups each month to remind them how much their work is valued. 

Each staff member is surprised with a little gift under $15 in value each month. Gifts can be as simple as delivering a favorite fountain drink, and range to the more involved group appreciation, such as hosting a catered lunch. At the beginning of the year, each participant in the program is given a list of favorites for their adopted staff members so they know just what will suit their tastes. Since the treats are sent anonymously, the PTO hosts a party each May where the student and parent can reveal themselves to the staff member that they’ve been sending treats to all year.

The program fosters relationships between the teachers and staff and helps with student growth. The kids can’t help but to feel something special when they drop their treat off for their adopted staff member or see their parent helping out with the school luncheons. There is great parent participation in the program and it shows no signs of slowing. Way to set a good example and take care of your own, Antlers!

Emily Orcutt