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Stephen and Andi Phillips are two names synonymous with soccer in this community. The fact that they decided to give back to the community and raise their children here is a testament to their commitment to shaping young athletes into successful, driven, goal oriented (pun intended) individuals.

Andi grew up in Edmond, attended John Ross, Sequoyah, Edmond North and then on to Oklahoma State University. She played soccer her whole life, even semi-professionally before entering the coaching arena. She met Stephen in 2002 who was already established in the coaching community. Stephen isn’t from Oklahoma, he actually grew up in Swansea, Wales and is an experienced and licensed European and American coach. In 2002, Andi also leapt into the entrepreneurial arena and along with coaching, she opened her own insurance business, Premier Insurance, and is celebrating her 15th year in the insurance industry.

While coaching, Stephen noticed the lack of a solid girls’ soccer program in the Oklahoma City area and in 2001, he formed North Oklahoma City Soccer Club (NOKC) with a couple of other coaches who shared the vision: “… creating a much better soccer environment for girls with the hopes of pushing them on to be successful at the national and collegiate level” he says. Since then, Stephen and Andi as coaches have been able to see young players become confident leaders as well as good people all while using soccer as the vehicle that takes them there.

The Oklahoma Football Club (OFC) was established when Edmond Soccer Club and the North Oklahoma City Soccer Club merged. This merger created the largest soccer club in the state of Oklahoma. “We run the Academy program at NOKC together and it just fits in our family as we both love promoting youth soccer as it develops kiddos into successful adults!” says Andi. When asked what she credits their success on and off the field to, she says, “Having the same vision makes for a successful partnership as we share the same love for soccer and the drive to improve the quality of the game in our state.”

In the midst of building the largest soccer club in the state, running Premier Insurance, and coaching, Andi and Stephen managed to build a successful marriage. They have 2 small children and are still planning summer

programs for youth in the area. NOKC Advantage camp runs the month of June for youth ages 5-11. The English Premier League Swansea City Staff from Wales (Stephen’s hometown) will also be here running a camp July 17-21st.

This busy couple is working to build leaders and shape young athletes that not only compete at the national level on the field, but that can change the world through their leadership, work ethic, and drive. Kevin Durant gets the credit for the quote, “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard”, and this community can thank the Phillips for working hard and showing the youth how to as well.

For any information check out: and or call Stephen 405-245-8741 and for Andi 405-706-6047 or

Bethany Schwarz