The third Wednesday of each month, the Edmond Chamber of Commerce gathers for a morning mingle. 70-75 existing, new, and prospective chamber members met on Wednesday, May 17th at Crawford Family Funeral & Cremation Services home located at 610 NW 178th Street in Edmond. Typically, breakfast is provided by the host; but on this particular day guests walked away with more than just full stomachs.

Each participant received an envelope. Much to their surprise, the envelope contained cash. The message was poignant. At The Crawford Family funeral home, lives are celebrated on a regular basis. This money, however, was to be used specifically to encourage each chamber member to celebrate another life in the community. The hashtag #letyourlightshine is to be used on social media as each member shared their celebration and participation in the lives of their very own neighbors in this community.

Bethany Schwarz