Smartt Birth Midwifery - Call the Midwife

Susan was new to North Edmond; she was enjoying a stroll with her recently rescued black Labrador, Ruth. A neighbor’s children playing in their front yard were immediately drawn to the dog and hurried over to ask the standard, “May we pet your puppy?” question. Susan patiently coached the pair of boys in petting etiquette while exchanging niceties with their mother. Neither woman was looking for anything other than a new neighborhood connection when they met. Susan found a new friend around the corner, but her neighbor had just met a savvy business owner with a unique set of skills she would someday come to rely on. 

Susan Smartt Cook is a North Edmond resident and owner of Smartt Birth Midwifery-LLC. She runs this home birth, midwifery practice out of her Rustling Hills residence. Nestled behind the trees, in the comfort of her home, she serves women and families in our community with comprehensive care through pregnancy and childbirth.  

The astounding thing about Susan is that she is one of the rare few individuals to have found her proverbial calling. Not only is she highly qualified, skillfully trained and amazing at her vocation - she is passionate about serving, empowering and loving women in her community. When asked what she loves most about her career Susan says, “My favorite thing about my job is witnessing people’s transformation through the hard and beautiful work of bringing new life into the world. Individuals, couples and families are born anew and reach unseen depths of intimacy, joy and strength. There is truly nothing else like it.” 

Operating with a low volume, she is able to give each client unparalleled, personalized, evidence based care. Susan is also able to focus on the education of each mother-to-be she serves, thus enabling and empowering them to understand what they are capable of. Susan’s vigilance, dedication and respect for pregnancy, labor and birth are just a few of the characteristics that have played a role in her participation in over 260 births over the past decade. Susan has been present during the birth of over 80 infants in our community since opening her practice in 2013.  

Susan’s dedication to her craft is unyielding. She is the President of the Oklahoma Midwives Alliance, serves on the board of the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives and has a nationally recognized Certified Professional Midwifery credential. 

Some know firsthand of Susan’s capabilities, even if home-birth/midwifery care is not the route they’ve chosen for their family. When complications arose in her neighbor’s third pregnancy, Susan was the one responding to, numerous, nervous phone calls and texts around the clock. She was the first one at her doorstep, or on the couch assessing her condition. Susan was able to be present in the home of a friend in need. She provided the clarity and emotional support that can be challenging for other medical professionals to give.   

The term midwife literally means, "with women" and Susan embodies the word with her compassionate and skilled service to women in this community. Dozens of families have had the privilege of Susan Cook’s expertise. It is often said that the home and family is where a community find its strength. Thanks to Susan, many families are stronger, more knowledgeable and better equipped for raising their children. 

Many in North Edmond do call a midwife on a regular basis; they call her friend, neighbor, business owner, advisor and confidant…but she also answers to Susan.  

Bethany Schwarz