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Some people have the ability to not only empower the people around them, but also to transform! Annie Anderson, of North Edmond, is one of these aforementioned people in this very community. Not only can she work magic behind a make-up set, but she works to meet her clients where they are, and implement the change to reach their needs.


Annie, mother of two, Oklahoman, artist and entrepreneur got her start in the beauty industry on a life changing day in a Sephora in Dallas. “When the employee asked, ‘Are you a makeup artist?’. I remember thinking, ‘That’s a job?’” she recalls. “While growing up, I would spend hours hiding away with my small makeup collection (stolen from my mom and my big sister) trying to find interesting and new ways to use the limited products I had.”


Her skill set grew, as well as her ability to transform people into any character a director could imagine. She found herself in Los Angeles pursuing makeup artistry in the film industry. Her passion grew with her abilities and landed her a Character and Beauty Makeup artist job in the Makeup Designory program in Burbank, California. Since then, her credentials continued to mount, as a licensed esthetician in 2003, as well as a master skincare therapist and waxer. 


Annie has been self-employed off and on for several years now, which has provided the ability to stay home and raise her children exclusively for nearly three years.  “I love owning my own business because I am a mom to two young kids and they will always be my priority. Fortunately, I also LOVE what I do. Most people who go into my industry view it as a temporary thing until they find “something better." This is my passion. I can be creative every day. I work when I want to and don’t have to sacrifice family time, or answer to anyone but ME! I am a self-motivator and my own worst critic. Ha! I decide every detail of my business.”


A major component of Annie’s business as a freelancer is the wax service she provides. Annie provides facial waxing, brow tinting, brow shaping and makeup application for individuals by appointment in her home.  She also makes these services available on site for bridal parties, for example; but also for small businesses, schools and companies in the community that may want to find creative incentives for their employees or provide an excellent and efficient opportunity for their staff’s beauty maintenance. Thanks to her client base and the fact that Annie is an independent freelancer, she is able to provide extremely reasonable pricing for her artistry and skills.


To be successful in the beauty industry, Annie has not only mastered her artistry, she loves what she does and the people she serves. “Working with women is my joy. I love being silly and having fun (almost all the time, honestly), but I also love to talk about life. I love the one-on-one time and real talk that my job allows me. I also love the face that women make when they look in the mirror and feel good. It seems like a shallow thing to a lot of people, but it’s a little confidence boost that I’m happy to be a part of,” says Annie.

Annie maintains a blog about her business and industry at: http://professionalbeautyaddict.blogspot.com.

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