REAL Acts of Love This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day week is here and along with the Hallmark cards, floral bouquets and breakfasts in bed, there will also be challenging moments and emotions. The compassion of a community can shape a generation and that is the goal of REAL Ministry. REAL is a non-profit in the Oklahoma City area and their goal is to be a continuous support system for single moms.  

Kathryn Thompson is a Business Strategist, a motivational speaker and Director/Founder of REAL Ministries Foundation. She was born and raised in Oklahoma City where she met her future husband, Robert at the age of 5.  Kathryn and Robert, saw the need in their community that single mothers face, they set out together to serve with Real Evident Acts of Love. Founded in November of 2010 –Real Evident Acts of Love (REAL) is a non-profit organization focused on creating a continuous support system for single moms in the Oklahoma City area. REAL works to meet not only physical needs i.e. food, clothing and shelter but also emotional and spiritual needs through a mentorship program, regular activities and peer community groups. “God has equipped each of us with the tools to step out and make a difference and we believe that we can rise together and support Single Moms and stop creating labels that should not exist. We believe that we are making generational impacts while impacting the family unit within a Single Mom's home. This will duplicate from generation to generation.” says Kathryn. 

Parenthood can be isolating when busied with meeting the physical needs of children, add that issue on top of being a single parent, and it can become nearly impossible to find the emotional, relational, and spiritual resources needed to enrich and empower families. REAL is working alongside single mothers to bridge that gap. 

In 2016, 50 single moms with over 100 children were connected in the REAL community with regularly scheduled activities: book clubs, family outings and educational classes. Additional support resources are offered as needs arise. “REAL is a group of single moms holistically equipped to be fearless from our home to our workplace.” The numbers are climbing for 2017 already, with over 160 children involved and 80 moms; single moms like Monique Newton. Monique’s brother lost his life at the age of 21 and she took over raising her siblings in addition to her own children. She says “this group found (her) for a reason.” 

“REAL is going to make me the woman I never thought I could be, because of REAL I can really truly heal.” She recalls having car trouble and being completely covered by her REAL family network. She loved the empowerment, friendship and guidance she received at the first REAL function and knew it was the place for her.  

Moms are connected to REAL on a referral basis because they strive to be personal, intentional and consistent. This is done through personal referrals and partnerships with local churches. If you are a single parent or would like more information on REAL, please visit their website or reach out via email to

This Mother’s Day, of course, pause and celebrate your mother, but be aware of the mothers in this community that are working the hardest job, solo! REAL offers plenty of opportunity to get involved, donate and participate in their great mission: to transform families and by extension, our community, one generation at a time.

Bethany Schwarz