Paint, Play and Unplug!

Not much says “I love you” quite like a handmade gift, especially if the gift is something that can actually be used. The fact that creating the gift is an experience as well, is just icing on the cake. Oklahoma native, Katrina Uhls was a busy mom looking for something different to do with her young children. “One day I had a brilliant idea that me and my 3-year old son would paint a coffee mug together at a ceramic studio. It would be this incredible bonding experience for us. Three to four swipes of paint and my little artist was done. While I tried my best to hurry out of there, he proceeded to run circles around and crawling under the table while I endured glares from the shop employees and other adult customers,” she recalls. 

Katrina grew up in North West Oklahoma City, graduating from Northwest Classen High School and then on to Oklahoma University. She worked in the corporate world for over 20 years but eventually found herself daydreaming during her commute from Edmond to OKC. She dreamed of owning her own business and spending more time with her family. Dreams turned into reality in 2008 as Unpluggits Playstudio opened its doors as a place where children and parents could have it all – a place to work on arts and crafts, and to play and relax. Katrina’s favorite thing about her business is that she created an environment in which moms are able to truly enjoy their kids.  

“I wanted an inviting place to create for the whole family in mind. I designed it with windows into the playground and low shelving so parents could easily spot their kids while in the studio. This way if mom wants to paint a coffee cup while her rowdy son plays, she can!” 

Unpluggits offers over 3,000 square feet devoted solely to crafts, giving their customers all-day access to painting, play-dough sculpting, the chalk table and more. With Mother’s Day fast approaching, nothing beats a handmade ceramic serving dish or coffee mug. For example, use your children’s handprints to decorate a serving platter, ask an employee to inscribe “Happy Mother’s Day 2017” and there you have it…an irreplaceable, functional, affordable and timeless piece to adorn the dining room table for years to come. Don't forget, the experience you had, taking time to create something with your child in the process! The ceramics are picked up after glazing and are even dishwasher safe. 

But hey, there is some adult fun here too! Once or twice a month Grown Up Night is on! Adults are welcome to bring their own food and beverage, including alcohol, and socialize. Assistance is provided for those wishing to go above and beyond a simple project. Private parties, any kind of get-together or event can reserve the space as well – again leaving the experience with a functional keepsake is a win-win situation.   

Katrina Uhls’ concept is proven in Edmond, and truly a fantastic gift option, party venue, family outing and experience all wrapped into one building. So, get unplugged and come check it out (your mom and grandma will love it if you do). 

For more information, check out the unpluggits website: and follow them on facebook:

Bethany Schwarz