A Sweet Yesteryear

You don’t even have to be a sweet tooth to crave this cookie.


Cookies can come in all crazy shapes, intricate designs, magical colors, and delicious flavors nowadays, but there’s always something special when you share one with someone special.

Quail Creek Members and guests have savored The Chocolate Chew Cookie for over twenty years, and no one wants it to end! Not only is it a heavenly taste that keeps you going back for seconds (alright thirds), but it’s been around for so long that many generations are getting to share it with each other! Those who have spent time at the Quail Creek Country Club in their childhood have etched this delicacy in their memories. Refused by none. Nostalgic to some. Shared with many. Devoured by all. This cookie has a reputation like Beyoncé in this town.

“There is no telling how many of these delights have been devoured to make this cookie locally well-known, but what is not well-known is its history.” - Mike Brock, Member.

So, to save you the time and energy, we found out its history for you! What fans may not know is that David Goyette, head chef in the 80s, first introduced it and began its legacy from then on. The best part? The undeniably addictive recipe is no secret! In fact, Goyette generously gave it out for others to have and pass on. After all, the Chocolate Chew Cookie wouldn’t be a legend if it weren’t shared and enjoyed by the mass!

“I remember that I brought my Dad to lunch at QC at least once a week during the late 80s. He would always ask me to order extras for him to take home.  To this day, every time I am at the Club I think of him when I see those cookies.” -Phyllis Brawley, Member.

Quail Creek has kept the recipe consistent through the years, making it a local favorite and cherished sweet treat.

New and old members enthusiastically claim that the Chocolate Chew Cookie remains a (tasty) staple symbol of the Country Club. How sweet!

Whether you’re a “sweet” or “savory” taste-lover, it evidently doesn’t matter. This cookie might have wizarding powers, or it might just be that good (probably the second choice).  Now we’ll all have to stop by Quail Creek this summer just to chews the Chew!

Gabrielle Hefner