The Meaning Behind the Flowers You Receive this Valentine's Day

By Brittany Panko

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and that means tons of people are preparing for the love of their life to surprise them with bouquets of flowers and large diamonds. Unfortunately, not all of us are as lucky as those ladies and are still confused on how our “better half” is really feeling. That’s what I am here for. Let me help you decipher the code that lies within the flowers you receive this year. Trust me, we are both hoping it all works out for the best.   

Red Rose The favorite flower of the goddess of love, Venus. This special rose also means beauty, courage and respect. 

White Rose True love, purity, innocence, reverence, humility, youthfulness and charm. All great meanings hidden within the white rose. 

Yellow Rose Joy, gladness, friendship and remembrance. Lets just say, if you receive this rose, you may be getting friend-zoned. 

Yellow Rose with a Red Tip Your significant other is feeling the love and definitely falling for you. Keep it up!

Now that we have figured out the meaning behind many different roses, let’s see what it means if you get a different type of flower this season.

Tulips Generally meaning a perfect love, the red tulip is true love, the purple tulip is royalty. Ladies, keep this man around! He is all about treating you like a princess. The yellow tulip is all about cheerful thoughts.

Daisies A strong meaning of love, loyalty, innocence, cheerfulness and purity, daisies are all things happy in this world. 

Orchids This is a highly coveted ornamental plant, signifying love, luxury, beauty and strength. Basically all qualities we want someone to see in us.

Bamboo A more modern twist on the ancient art of flower giving. Bamboo means strength, acceptance of the natural flow and openness to wisdom in emptiness. If you’re not quite sure what exactly that means, bamboo also signifies commitment to continuous growth and a simple and straightforward life. That sounds a lot more promising than the beginning.  

Now that you’re ready to find the hidden meaning lying within the flowers the love of your life brings to you, let’s hope they put the same amount of thought into them as well instead of just grabbing the closest bouquet to the cashier on their way home from work. 

High Five