Whether you’re trying to keep your torso warm or giving off the illusion that a flood might be on the way, the puffy vest is a total classic.

This iconic look was mostly made popular by Michael J. Fox’s character, Marty McFly, in the Back to the Future movies.  You can even get these monogrammed online. An impressive range of people can be found sporting these engorged garments; from the throwback video gamer to the nature buff; from the grandmother to the toddler. These have even made their way into Greek life on college campuses.

1) Furry: These fashion gems made their way onto the vest scene last year with a roar. Almost every woman you’d see wandering around town was showing off their love of faux fur. Faux fur became widely popular partially as a way to show love for the animals. People ditched the real fur for faux. Often paired with black leggings, this furry vest can dress up any outfit. If you plan on donning this stylish garment this autumn season, load up on deodorant because furry vests can be harsh on the pits.

2) Sweater: Anyone born in the 1980s, or anyone who appreciates rad family sitcoms, can appreciate a good sweater vest. Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s Carlton Banks and Family Matters’ Steve Urkel rocked this style so hard that it has permeated fashion for decades. Many people associate this look with nerds and college professors, but all of us can come to an agreement that we’ve all owned one of these treasures at some point in our lives. It’s okay. We’re mature adults. We can admit to our mistakes.

3) Utility: There are only a few excuses you can use when owning a utility vest; you’re exploring the Amazon Forest, you’re deep sea fishing or you’re fighting alongside Indiana Jones. If you’re wearing this vest around the house to keep your TV remote, Cheetos and cell phone on you… You’re a genius and I’m going to go buy one immediately.

4) Holiday: Everyone knows an elementary school teacher that has a section of their closet dedicated to 3-D holiday vests. I have personally witnessed a Halloween vest that when turned on, lit up the eyes of the crocheted jack-o-lanterns (so jealous). It’s almost unfair that they’re the only ones allowed to get away with wearing these year-round since it’s “for the children.” We all love the novelty of these adorable garments. Once a year adults around America descend upon thrift stores looking for the perfect tacky sweater for that season’s holiday parties. It’s a shame that we have to have a funny party to excuse our love of cheesy vests.

High Five