Choctaw High School Competitive Drama and Stagecraft will be running public performances of the one-act play Property Rites by Alan Haehnel, November 4-5 at 7:30 p.m. in the Choctaw High School Performing Arts Center.

The premise of this captivating story goes something like this: Millions of dollars have been invested in creating fifteen high-tech, automated figures programmed to perform thousands of movements, monologues, dialogues, and more. But when Kyle MacManus, creator and investor of the pieces of art, decides to sell the figures – they malfunction and come to life. Property Rites is a powerful and thought-provoking play that demonstrates the fatal race of the figures as the struggle to achieve autonomy against their owner’s destructive plan.

The Drama and Stagecraft program at Choctaw has been contributing countless hours of teamwork efforts into creating this performance for not only their hometown viewing, but in hopes of reaching the state competition. The students push their talents as they incorporate robotic and human mental and physical attributions. The Choctaw High School Competitive Drama and Stagecraft competed with their production of Property Rites on Saturday, October 8 at the 6A Regional One Act Play Contest held at Putnam City High School. Competitors must have placed top 3 in order to move on to the One Act State Contest hosted by Choctaw High School on Thursday, October 27. 

Under the direction of Maryjane Burton, Choctaw has won the State Championship 11 times since 2001, and consecutively for the past 5 years. In 2006, an Outstanding Stage Crew/Tech Award was added to the Regional and State contests, and Choctaw High School has secured 6 of these prestigious titles. A one-act play is distinct from other plays because a one act play may consist of one or more scenes in a much shorter time, in comparison to a normal play that may span several acts within a single play. This sub-genre of one act plays is growing with emerging popularity across the U.S., especially within high school and higher education drama and stagecraft competitions.

Ticket prices for Property Rites are $7 for adults and $5 for students. Attend the play on Friday, November 4 for a buy one, get one deal on ticket sales and on Saturday, November 5 Dessert Theatre will be held after the show. For more information, contact Maryjane Burton at (405) 390-6143.

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