While there are many wonderful things to look forward to as we age – grandchildren, retirement, financial security, wisdom – our bodies changing is not one of them. 

It seems with every passing decade or even year, there is something new to notice. Gravity setting in. New medical tests we need to take. Various health concerns. 

For many trying to age gracefully, maintaining a level of activity is a way of life. But what happens when an injury or condition is preventing you from doing the things you love? You may have even been told that surgery or pain medication to mask the problem is the only option. 

There may be another way.

At Little River Healthcare in Edmond, Okla. Scott Waugh, M.D. treats many painful conditions resulting from injury or simply aging. Waugh does more than just manage the pain with traditional medicine. His goal to treat the source of the pain rather than the symptoms is summed up in his slogan. 

“No surgery. No pills. Just relief.” 

Waugh’s extensive experience and training with ultrasound techniques led him to an area of specialty – neuropathy treatment. Unlike many conditions Waugh treats, neuropathy has no cure, leading many to simply be living with the pain. 

This condition, commonly referred to as nerve pain, most commonly affects legs, feet and hands causing burning, tingling or sharp pain often magnified at night. It affects millions of people each year, especially those with diabetes or over the age of 55.

“My goal for each patient is to focus on a rapid reduction of symptoms,” Waugh states. “Many patients see significant improvement in eight to 10 visits with frequency of treatment being the key.”

Treatment options can include a combination of nerve blocks, nerve stimulation and vitamin supplements.  

“I am not promoting a miracle cure,” Waugh adds. “With neuropathy, it is symptomatic treatment only. Yet everyone I work with is so appreciative. Most have been living with the pain for so long, that seeing them get relief is so rewarding. I get a lot out of just being friends with these folks.”

Often the treatments are covered by insurance or Medicare, easing the financial burden on the patient.  

If you or a loved one is tired of living with the pain, schedule your free consultation at Little River Healthcare. Learn more at www.oknervepain.com or call 405.348.2323.

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