Choctaw's Coziest Cafe

As far as local coffee houses go, Blessed Grounds in Choctaw, Okla. is the real, organic deal. The mom and pop store is located off Indian Meridian and SE 29th Street and operated in an quaint house that immediately draws passersby in with its homely charm. 

Outside the white-trimmed red building are a couple of benches, pots of sprawling green plants and a round table flanked by two chairs padded with flowery cushions. Inside, the smell of coffee beans and fresh baked pastries, pies most prominent among these, pleasantly engulfs visitors. Patrons lounge comfortably in nooks and crannies of the shop, reading a book on the couches or chatting with friends at one of the mosaic tables.

Behind the counter Maxine Flynn, owner of Blessed Grounds, can be seen brewing coffee and assisting customers with their orders. Flynn is a local pastry chef and is devoted to keeping her shop stocked with freshly baked pies and treats. This spot is a personal endeavor of hers. 

Along with coffee and pastries, Blessed Grounds also serves sandwiches. The customer favorite is Flynn’s tuna sandwich,  and favorite desserts are the crème brûlée, chai tea and cheesecake. 

Blessed Grounds is open from 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m on weekdays and is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Widha Gautamchoctaw