It’s a toiling experience.

You scroll through endless titles on Netflix, coerce your friends into giving you their HBOGO credentials and by the end of it all, you still can’t find a new movie that looks appealing. 

We’ve all slogged through it. Fortunately, an independently-owned Oklahoma movie kiosk is throwing a new twist at your movie hunt process, in the best way. 

Wow! Movie Kiosk boasts an array of movies that are unavailable on streaming services. They offer a number of titles 28 days before competitors like Red Box and update selections with new releases every Tuesday. Visitors can rent new releases for $1.50 and 60-day-old movies for 99 cents. 

This all came from a goal seeded in increasing access to entertainment across the state. 

“It was an ambition to bring entertainment to people in rural areas that do not have this type of entertainment available close to where they live,” said Marketing Director Janet Hernandez. 

There are currently four Wow! kiosks across the area in Choctaw, Harrah, Midwest City and Little Axe. As a year-old business, owner David Calhoun and Hernandez find themselves closely involved with local businesses. 

“Being locally-owned, we are able to support businesses in the community,” Hernandez said. 

They’re currently supporting Kids-R-Us’ fall festival and look forward to helping other local organizations as they grow. Wow! also regularly hosts opportunities for customers for win free movies and merchandise. 

“We have only been in business for a year and it has been a lot harder to do than we thought,” Hernandez confided, but she’s also confident that with support of the store managers and the community, they will continue to thrive. 


Find out more about available movies and locations at 

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