Bringing New Life to St. Philip Neri

On November 10, an idea that was conceived over a decade ago came to fruition. 

St. Philip Neri Catholic Church and School in Midwest City hosted a dedication ceremony for their Family Life Center with Archbishop Paul Coakley presiding over the event.

Talks of starting a Family Life Center have been ongoing since 2000.  The church hasn’t been idle in this time, however.  Through the last several decades, St. Philip Neri strategically invested in surrounding properties so that land would be available for the project when time came to break ground.  The family life center building committee was formed in 2009.  To fund the project, the Building Upon this Rock appeal was initiated in 2011.

The $2.5 million family life center is decked out with a full-size gymnasium, four meeting rooms, industrial kitchen, concession stand and storage space.  The need for this additional building was realized because of the growing parish who funded the construction.

At the groundbreaking ceremony last year, Father Timothy Fuller declared a need for more space to accommodate the parishioners and provide an educational and recreational area for them.

“The meeting rooms were a necessity as the parish was simply running out of space with all of our wonderful ministries,” said Father Fuller.

The gym is going to be utilized for a variety of purposes, from hosting basketball and volleyball games to wedding and dinner receptions.

“St. Philip Neri will also be able to hold parish-wide events,”  Father Fuller said.  “In the past, we have hosted such events at local parks and reception halls.”

The facility promises to be of ample use and convenience to parishioners and school families.

“Not many schools in this area are seeing the incredible improvements we have seen in the last few years at St. Philip Neri,” Principal Brenda Tener remarked. “We are certainly blessed and appreciate the generosity of all those involved.

Widha Gautamchoctaw