Caffeine on the Go: Cowgirl Coffee Reins Supreme

Written By Bethany Schwarz

Many Edmond residents may not know of the hidden gem located in the parking lot at Waterloo and North Broadway. The tiny cottage is easy to miss, but once the menu has been sampled, odds are it’ll be nearly impossible to pass the intersection without being tempted to drive through for a caffeine fix.

The coffee industry is typically dominated by the big chains located on every other corner, yet Cowgirl Coffee has been able to withstand the test of time and become a community staple. Just last month the Cowgirls celebrated their 11-year anniversary!

Operating as a local business is one thing, which most communities can get behind, but Cowgirl Coffee really goes the extra mile by selling only locally roasted coffee in their 100-square-foot shop. They sell their own custom blend of Cowgirl coffee, with beans harvested from the Sierra Madre in Mexico, Colombia and Sumatra. All beans are then roasted locally in Oklahoma City.

Michelle Hargrave has been a part of Cowgirl Coffee for the full 11 years. She is an Oklahoma native, hailing from the small town of Wewoka. She has been the owner and operator since 2011 when she purchased the shop from founder and friend, Melissa Gall. Michelle shared Gall’s fun and unique vision to make specialty coffee drinks easily accessible (drive through only) to smaller communities.

“I love every single thing about Cowgirl Coffee! We are completely unique in every way…our image, slogan, building, drink menu, etc. are all customized for our customer base and so different from any [coffee] shop around,” Michelle said. “My absolute favorite thing is that we’ve been able to develop true friendships and lasting relationships within the community, which I feel goes beyond simply serving up an amazing cup of coffee.”

Cowgirl Coffee is not only a local small business but also a family affair. Michelle’s daughter and son help out over summers and on weekends. Michelle is the sole owner/operator so to keep her going she sips a small triple shot “Bullseye” with vanilla, soy and cinnamon powder on top. Essentially, it's a 12-oz. coffee with three espresso shots, a little flavor and soy milk. It's a custom drink that gets her started every morning bright and early.

“I would really like to stress that we are extremely customer-oriented. We work really hard to make you, our neighbors, happy! We don't cut corners on anything. We find and use the best products available for each drink, and I think that reflects in our customer loyalty and the fact that we just celebrated our 11-year anniversary here in Edmond. We genuinely love seeing our customers and helping them find their favorite drink or tweaking a custom drink to make it just right for each person's unique palate.”

The modest coffee shop at the Oklahoma-Logan county line is as unpretentious as the drinks are delicious; serving up an average of 150 drive through custom brews daily. Gall, the founder, knew the location would work for Cowgirl Coffee thanks to the rural feel and close knit community of neighbors – where “cowgirls” tend to thrive, so to speak.

Cowgirl Coffee is located at 121 E. Waterloo Road, hours of operation are 6:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. with extended summer hours and can be found on Facebook! Swing by for your Cowgirl Coffee fix today.

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